Star Student Kees

hella-kess-family-Kees 217I am not a “Star” because I live in a family with two Olympians and two almost Olympians.  Both my wife and oldest son are Olympic Swimmers and my youngest son and his wife participated in the 2000 Olympic Swimming Trials but didn’t make the Sydney Team by a hair’s breath.  Also, our 9 year old grandson scores half of all the goals in his soccer and lacrosse teams and can run 5 km in 20 minutes!  Hallo! My wife Hella is one of the fastest women swimmers of her age in the world ….  As you can surmise, that all results in me being the family underdog even though I won Silver Medals in my age-group in two different Masters Swimming World Championships.  No, I don’t feel I’m a Star.

I am just a 67 year old man who loves to be active, loves to be in nature, loves the social life that comes with doing things together with other people.  My body is worn out from sixty years of cycling, plus forty-five years of running, plus forty years of swimming, plus thirty years of cross country skiing and then 15 years of yoga.  Between 1981 and 2005 I competed in several triathlons and 10 km runs plus a marathon every single year.  At Provincial, National and World level.  After some, what? 170?, cumulative years of pursuing all these competitive sports, my muscles and joints ache. As the song of Leonard Cohen goes:
 “I ache in the places where I used to have fun …”
My wife  started Bikram already twenty years ago and after BYV started up she advised me to try it.  I am telling you my story because after starting bikram in December 2010 in Vernon, I felt 10 years younger. I could do things again that I couldn’t do anymore because of my ageing.  Especially the balancing on one leg and the first few floor positions.  I don’t feel a bikram student:  I AM a yogi!  Bikram is not the only thing I do but it is the glue that allows me to do all these other things.  To live life more fully.  I love our life in Vernon because of its people, its nature, its weather and the Bikram community.
Going to Bikram is part of my routine.  I like the atmosphere in the room – the feeling of being challenged.  I value and am thankful for what it does for me: making it easier to go about the rest of my daily life.
Thank you, Bikram Yoga Vernon.