Star Student: Meagan

Good day fellow yogis,

I began Bikram yoga about a year and a half ago.  I come because I looove yoga and I love to sweat!  It removes some of the stress and tension I’ve accumulated throughout the day so that when it’s all done I feel more peaceful.

“An inner calm, a better perspective on things, and more gratitude are some of the gifts I’ve received from the practice.”

I enjoy this specific yoga community because Dionne, and formerly Adam, have created a caring, welcoming space where we can all hang loose and be ourselves if we choose to.  I look forward to seeing the different teachers and hearing about how things are going.  I enjoy everyone’s uniqueness… such as how Dionne is now becoming less strict, Tannis helping me open my heart chakra with her adjustments, Diane telling us to let go, Adam telling us “just breathe and tell your body what to do” as well as the guest teacher’s “May the force be with you!” My favourite part about this practice is Disco yoga.  I am grateful to be part of this fun loving and caring community!