Star Student: Alison and Matt

“As parents of a 5 year old and 1 year old twins, as well as owning a business, we have made the time to alternate classes and get in the hot room at least 3 days per week each. Making that time has been one of the best things we have done for us and our children.”



BYV: How long have you been practicing Bikram yoga, and did you start at BYV or somewhere else?

A: “4 years on and off. 3 months as of late.”

M: “2 1/2 months.”

BYV: Why did you start practicing?

A: “To gain flexibility.”

M: “To relieve stress and heal chronic shoulder injury.”

BYV: Has that reason changed or evolved since first starting?

A: “I use it now to clear my mind and maintain my physical health.”

M: “I want to continue to improve physical and mental health.”

BYV: What inspired you to begin taking class?

A: “seeing an article in the newspaper when Adam & Dionne first opened BYV.”

M: “The physical benefits I saw in my wife.”


“Information is the most valuable commodity that I know of.” ~Gordon Gecko


BYV: What benefits did you notice right away from practice?

A: “Mental clarity, lymph drainage and increased flexibility.”

M: “Decreased pain from previous injuries.”

BYV: What long term benefits have you experienced?

A: “I find it easier to deal with stress and a more positive attitude about my health.”

M: “Improved emotional well being and improved performance in other sports.”

BYV: Have you used Bikram’s yoga as a form of therapy or rehabilitation?

A: “Yes, I have chronic pain in my piriformis, that I do not feel when I regularly practice.”

M: “Yes, to recover from a shoulder injury.”

BYV: What is it that motivates you to get your toes on the line as frequently as possible?

A: “The pain that creeps back into my body when I DON’T practice.”

M: “The continuing health benefits.”

BYV: What is your favorite posture and why?

A: “Fixed Firm. It feels so good I could stay in it all day!”

M: “Rabbit. Because I am good at it.”

BYV: What would you suggest to a new student looking to expand their practice? Were there things that have helped you along the way?

A: “Attend the Master Classes!”

M: “Practice as often as you can.”

BYV: Have you ever felt like running out of the room? If so, what kept you from acting on it?

A: “I had to leave the  room when Lynn was teaching. It felt so intense for me. But usually I can focus on my breathing and overcome that feeling.”

M: “Yes, but I just think of the benefits.”

BYV: What challenges have you completed?

A & M: “We finished the buddy challenge!”

BYV: Alison & Matt, thank you so much for your time, and your yoga practice!! You truly are  STAR STUDENTS!!