Star Student: Zabrina

“Dear body, I command you to serve me. In Health. In Living. Dear any old energies that are here – aspects or whatever – I divorce you. You are not me. I’m off on a new trail. What happened yesterday is you. I am that I am. It’s as simple as that.”

    ~Adamus St. Germain     

BYV: How long have you been practicing Bikram yoga, and did you start at BYV or somewhere else?

ZABRINA: “Just over one year now. BYV is the first and only place I have done Bikram yoga.”

 zabrinaBYV: What inspired you to begin taking class?

ZABRINA: “I was experiencing a lot of body pain. My work, past injuries, poor posture and fitness all contributing. My friend Jennifer Collins kept encouraging me to try Bikram. I resisted for a long time… but finally I agreed!”


BYV: What benefits did you notice right away from practicing?

ZABRINA: “I noticed the detox at first. I felt it in my lymph glands after the very first class. I also felt pan and that made me nervous. Dionne encouraged me to keep going slowly and slowly, I felt things changing.”


BYV: What long term benefits have you experienced?

ZABRINA: “Oh so many! Stronger happier body. I can do so much more than I could when I started! I massage a lot of horses and people and I can do so much more with way less pain. My hands and forearms are better too! The mental and emotional benefits have been huge. I find it challenging to put it all into words. I face my relationship with myself, my body, every time I walk in the room. Sometimes it feels great, sometimes it doesn’t, but in the hot room I can’t run away from it. I have to face it.”


BYV: What is it that motivates you to get your toes on the line as frequently as possible?

ZABRINA: “I like feeling good. I choose to lead a physically active lifestyle. My respect for my body grows when I reflect what it does for me. I choose to keep it going healthy and strong! My work is about helping others, and I can do this best when I feel good myself.”


BYV: Have you used Bikram’s yoga as a form of therapy or rehabilitation?

ZABRINA: “Yes. I have had injuries… severe soft tissue lower back injury many years ago. And in 2007 I fell off my horse onto a log with enough force to tear apart mudcles on my right quad and compress it bad into the femur bone. This was a contributing factor to much body pain. I feel the yoga has helped the muscles lengthen and regain some health. I also have left leg issues due to cardio-pulmonary illness in my youth. I feel the circulatory boost is beneficial. “


BYV: What is your favorite posture and why?

ZABRINA: “I have two. Standing Head to Knee because I know I can do it now and it’s a metal game. And Rabbit because it just feels good to my back!”


BYV: What would you suggest to a new student looking to expand their practice?  Were there specific things that helped you along the way?

ZABRINA: ”I would suggest listening to the teachers… really listening! The workshop with Jim K last fall was a major help to me. I had only been practicing for 2 months when I signed up. I had no idea what I was in for. I laughed, I cried, I almost died. It was SO WORTH IT! And last but not least, be ok with it not all being smooth sailing. I am learning this. There are peaks and valleys just like life. Sometimes over the past year, my back pain has flared up again. I have felt frustrated. The good news is it gets better, and I have had weeks and months of being pain free. That is amazing!”


BYV: Have you ever felt like running out of the room? If so, what kept you from acting on it?

ZABRINA: “No, I don’t think so. I am too stubborn. In over a year I have only left the room once, because my badder was screaming.”


BYV: We would love to hear something personal about you and your yoga.

ZABRINA: “Going to my Bikram classes is something I do for me. My career is about helping others. When I walk into the hot room it’s about me. What I can do, what I can’t do. How I might love my body one day and find nothing but fault the next. Observing this. Letting the emotions come up. Learning to celebrate me. On a physical level, being grateful for my body feeling so good all year overall. I have massaged 81 horses since January, and approx. 500 humans, and my body is doing great!”

BYV: What challenges have you completed?

ZABRINA: “I participated in the summer challenge, but I did not make my goal of 60 classes. It’s ok. I had horses to massage 🙂 ”


BYV: Zabrina, thank you so much for your time, and your yoga practice!! You truly are a STAR STUDENT!!