Star Student: Kristy and Bill

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“We’ve been in Vernon for 33 years, both came together from Vancouver. We found jobs in Vernon  Bill set up a medical practice as a family practitioner and Kristy taught elementary school. We are both recently retired, however Bill continues to work part time in the walk in clinics. We are enjoying the freedom to travel!”         

BYV: How long have you been practicing Bikram yoga, and did you start at BYV or somewhere else?

billandkristyK & B: “I started 2 1/2 years ago and have done several other types of yoga.This was helpful when starting Bikram. Bill started 1 1/2 years ago and has done essentially no previous yoga. We have participated in daily exercise all of our adult lives.”


BYV: What inspired you to begin taking class?

K & B: “Kristy was looking for a challenging work-out she could do with a damaged knee. We both have the beginnings of arthritis. Kristy convinced me to try Bikram and I was surprised that I liked it. In retrospect, the meditative side of this yoga, the sweat and challenge were the things that drew me in. ”


BYV: What benefits did you notice right away from practicing?

K & B: “ We immediately felt that Bikram Yoga was a well rounded discipline with great cardio and stretching. We also noted feeling more energized, more flexible and cleansed by the practice than other forms of work-outs.”


BYV: What long term benefits have you experienced?

K & B: “Increased flexibility and an improvement in the range of motion in our aging and damaged joints. We have also noticed an improvement in our balance and a better core strength. As well the effects and benefit (especially Bill, who has some asthma) of focusing and managing control over ones breathing, both inside and outside of the hot room. Bikram’s Yoga is the most meditative  discipline that we’ve experienced… it’s a physical, spiritual and energizing cleanse.”


BYV: What is it that motivates you to get your toes on the line as frequently as possible?

K & B: “To continue… hopefully to make small gains in the practice of Bikram’s Yoga and to continue to enjoy the physical gains and benefits as we desperately try to combat the effects of aging.”


BYV: Have you used Bikram’s yoga as a form of therapy or rehabilitation?

K & B: “Kristy has a damaged knee and has been losing the range of motion in that knee over the years. Bikram has increased the range of motion in all of our joints and helps us  combat the stiffness of arthritis. We see Bikram as a way to continue our other activities such as biking, skiing, hiking, water skiing, etc with less chance of injury because we are gaining flexibility and alignment through the practice.”


BYV: What is your favorite posture and why?

K & B: “Any posture that we found easy in the beginning… we realized we weren’t doing it properly! Head to knee is very difficult for both of us. Kristy can now glance at her knee before falling out of posture. I can get my leg in the air. Its not pretty but we are making tiny gains over time. This would possibly speed up if we practiced Bikram daily, but we are happy coming a few times a week and continuing with our other sports activities. All the postures challenge us and we enjoy the struggle.”


BYV: What would you suggest to a new student looking to expand their practice?  Were there specific things that helped you along the way?

K & B: ”Just get into the room and put your toes on the line! Don’t expect it to be easy and don’t expect mastery! Enjoy the small incremental gains… they all add up!”


BYV: Have you ever felt like running out of the room? If so, what kept you from acting on it?

K & B: “Oh Yes!! Pride probably!… It only happens occasionally but goes away quickly as long as we focus on our breathe.”

BYV: We would love to hear something personal about you and your yoga.

K & B: “For the first 6 months Bill thought  Bow Pose was Bull Pose ( he can be a bit hard of hearing!). I think this reflects the way some of us have approached  life ……. with muscle and determination.  As we age, our muscle power lets us down so we enjoy that In Bikram we have to look at other ways to approach each posture and make adjustments that suit the current state of our bodies and mind. To be satisfied with where we are at, is an important part of happiness. So we are not frustrated with the fact that we can’t fully do all the postures. We will always have a goal!”

BYV: What challenges have you completed?

K & B: “Just getting to BYV regularly is a challenge. Someday we may do a 30 challenge! (I don’t think we have actually been in Vernon for 30 days in a row the last 2 years).”

 BYV: Kristy & Bill, thank you so much for your time, and your yoga practice!! You truly are  STAR STUDENTS!!